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Make a Memorial or Honorary Gift. Donors may choose to make a gift to the Church in honor or memory of someone or in celebration of a special occasion.  A thank you letter will be sent to you, and a letter acknowledging the gift will be sent to the individual you designate. The acknowledgement does not reveal the gift amount, only that the gift has been made.



Join us each Sunday after the 11am Mass for "Sandwiches for the Homeless."  Call Deacon Bill  for info.  




Monthly, pitch in to collect & deliver breakfast to the Warming Place.  Call Jane Virgilio, Coordinator, at 525-0090.



We are offering the option of memorial gifts for deceased loved ones or to honor special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. We will be accepting donations towards the following memorial items: Sanctuary Lamp burning from Sunday to Saturday - $5; Altar breads for the week (Sun. to Sat.) - $25; Altar Wine for the week (Sun. to Sat.) - $25                         



The Holy Cross Music Ministry invites those who are interested in our liturgical music program to contact Bill Lucia at 413-783-4111, ext. 146 or 413-372-6238.  This includes those who would like to minister as members of the choir at weekend liturgies, instrumentalists, and the Resurrection (Liturgy of Christian Burial) choir.  Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings from  7:00-8:30  in the choir loft.



Make a Meal - The Springfield Rescue Mission needs volunteers to make meals - lunch or dinner for residents in our Men's New Life Program.  You would be making 40 meals.  You could prepare a hot meal or a bagged lunch - either way you would be a blessing!  We'd like it if you could stay and serve the meal if you have time so we could get to know you a little better.  Contact the Mission at 732-0808 if you would like to help.

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