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Our Mission Statement


Holy Cross Parish, located in the East Forest Park section of Springfield, was founded in 1949 by the Diocese and the people of Holy Name parish. We have from the beginning drawn strength from our church, school and neighborhood. We, as a Spirit-filled, prayerful community of people of all ages, are challenged to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ by knowing, loving, and serving God and each other.


As Roman Catholics, we commit ourselves to grow through celebrating the sacraments, especially the Eucharist; studying the Word; and supporting one another. We are called to reach out to all people, especially the poor and those in need, in a sprit of compassion and love.


Our Parish Goals


Goal One: Create additional opportunities to build community in our Parish, reaching out to involve young adults, singles, families, and seniors.


Goal Two: Increase the number of oportunities for spiritual growth in our Parish.


Goal Three: Provide support and outreach to families and individuals in need.


Each year our parishioners choose "Parish Objectives" in support of these goals at our Parish Assembly. More about that may be found on the Pastoral Council page.