Family Life Commission

Mission: To discern and address the needs of families of all ages. Our Family Life Commission attempts to respond to areas of concern affecting young children, adolescents, adults, parents, and senior citizens.


Meetings: We meet in the evening on the 2nd Monday of each month for approximately one and a half hours.


Activities: Our activities are varied in order to reach out to various age groups throughout the year. Our parish picnic has become an annual event for people of all ages.  We host a Christmas luncheon in the rectory for our home-bound parishioners. Through the year we host Bunco games for adult parishioners.


Volunteers: Volunteer opportunities are varied and wide-ranging. We are always looking for new members for the commission in order to keep our ideas fresh. However, we also welcome volunteers on a "single event" basis. There are needs for people to make posters, sell tickets, serve refreshments, baking, provide transportation, or serve as guest lecturer. Young and not-so-young volunteers are invited to participate in whatever way you feel capable of serving.


For more information please contact

Patty Ferrarini at 782-3509.


Current members include:


Patty Ferrarini, Co-chair
Sr. Cindy
Kathy Sheehan Allen
Mary Jean Daly
Jean Bussolari
Marie Alice Lavallee
Margy Mathews
Chris Mannix
Chris Moskal
Kathy Sullivan, Co-chair
Denise Tuttle


Click on this link to see pictures from the Family Life Commission sponsored 

Parish Trip to Essex, Connecticut